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I am pleased you have come to join me and my community of conscious dreamers, writers, international travellers, vulnerable feelers and free thinkers.

I know what it is like to feel alone in a world where you feel like no one quite experiences life the same as you. After years of people pleasing and fear of expressing my most authentic self, I turned to blogging as a way of expressing what is really going on in my mind.

Lotus On The Water blog is about our unique, individual journeys to peace and heart-centered living in a turbulent world . Through expressing my own world-view, I hope to inspire people to do the same. This blog is a celebration of freedom, diversity, individuality, weirdness, deep connection and magical alternative living.

I am a student in the universe constantly looking to uncover my own layers and limitations that hold me back from becoming my greatest version. 

My main reason for creating this community is that I believe through education and introspection we can cultivate a more meaningful existence in a more beautiful world.

As an Anthropology and International Development student, I am particularly interested in global cultures, anthropological and sociological discussions , psychology and spirituality.  I have also been a traveller and lover of the open road my whole life. My trips have taken me from the deserts of Jordan to the colourful markets of India and my writing is particularly informed by the places I have been, the cultures I have experienced and the many incredible people I have met. Particularly inspired by times spent in Asia, eastern, spiritual philosophies have also been important in my own personal growth.

My words aim to ignite the adventurous soul inside of you and find meaning in the seemingly mundane. I hope you can join me in finding solace in the deeper and more meaningful discussions which tend to be avoided at the dinner table.

Your presence here is very much appreciated. Thank you for stopping by!