The rEVOLution is now. 5 ways I tackle low Self-Esteem.

Low self-esteem will destroy your life if you let it.

It will have you feeling like you are not good enough.

It will have you feeling like you’re not deserved of your successes.

It will have you feeling like your voice is not worthy of being listened to.

It will have you feeling like you’re ugly.

It will have you feeling like you’re stupid.

It will have you feeling like you’re unlovable.

It will have you feeling like you suck, AT EVERTHING.

It will have you feeling like you’re not capable.

It will have you feeling like you don’t deserve the good people in your life.

It will stop you following your passions.

It will be the dreams you stop dreaming and the ones you never follow.

It will stop you speaking.

And it will most definitely stop you speaking your truth.

And this is why I’m talking about it. Ain’t no body got time for any of that.

Like many others, low self-esteem has always been, and continues to be my biggest battle. Every single day I have to fight to silence negative thoughts in my ๐Ÿ’monkey๐Ÿ’ mind and replace them with good ones. I believe it’s just my disposition to think this way.

I like it though. It gives me something to work on every single day.

Experiencing low self-esteem means I am excited, but also so super fucking scared to share my inner world more intimately online. My head is forever whirling:

-What will people think?

-Will I look like a self-indulgent attention seeker sharing my deepest woes with strangers online?

-Is my experience and my journey really of any use to anything or anyone?

In all honesty though, who gives a fuck? None of it actually matters.

I love this lyric from one of my favourite songs at the moment: ‘when standing in my truth, who cares what people say?’ – ‘Shedding Skins’ by Fia. Have a listen-

I don’t know much, but I have this deep feeling inside of me that there is so much that needs to be said, so much to learn from each other, so much to talk about and so much healing to be done. For me, that is enough to warrant my continued authentic, honest and vulnerable self expression through my blog. It is enough to make me dig deep inside, beyond my esteem issues, and find the courage to express my deepest insights.

So welcome to the next stage of my evolution. Our evolution, together, if you like. A tiny part of a bigger universal, self acceptance, rEVOLolution (s.o to Russell Brand for that one).

This is the start of knowing, really knowing, that you and I truly do deserve the gifts we receive in life.

The start of knowing that we are all so capable of following our wildest dreams.

And the start of knowing we are all always eternally loved.

Never forget that.

Also, I have developed some practices that help improve my levels of self-esteem. Here are some of them if you’re interested

1) I focus on my breath, even if just for a few moments. This helps me remember that all my bad feelings are just the result of negative thought cycles in my mind. When I become conscious of these cycles, I bring a halt to them and am able to redirect my thought patterns in more positive directions.

2) I write my future dreams and goals down. Sometimes I forget to dream because I assume I am not capable of achieving them anyway. This mindset only becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Often, our only limit is our mind. Writing down goals reminds us of our intentions, even when we are foggy headed and think we’re capable of nothing.

3) I write down negative statements about how I feel. ‘I am not worthy’ for example or ‘I am not capable of being happy in any job’. Then I reverse the statements writing down the opposite- ‘I am worthy’ and ‘I am capable of being happy in a job’. Affirming our capabilities slowly helps us instill a more positive self-image in our mind.

4) I do things that scare me. Travelling alone has literally changed my life. Also, doing little things like forcing myself to press publish on an Instagram or blog post despite my mind repeating ‘nobody cares about your shit Maya’ (haha) a thousand times over, is breaking me free from limits I place on myself. So, as an act of self-love, I am going to continue to kick ass by doing things that put me completely out my comfort zone.

5) I look after physical body. A few years ago, I hated taking care of my appearance. I mistook it for vanity. Now I realise looking good is an essential part of feeling good. It can totally change how you feel about yourself and consequently how you show up in the world.

I’m wondering, how has low self-esteem affected you? What techniques have you acquired to combat it?

Maya ๐Ÿ’–โœจ

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