Why write? Transcending limitations.

Have you too struggled with finding your creative passion? Early last year I found myself journalling about creativity. I yearned to find a creative medium through which I could express, but didn’t know how to find it. In the weeks to follow I purchased some paints and attempted painting and drawing, but it felt unnatural. I’ve tried music- playing and listening- as well as dancing, and as much as I enjoy all of the above, they somehow always seem like hard work. It was only on reflection of that particular diary entry, about yearning to find my creative passion, that I came to realise, through writing, I had already found it.

For years I have put off writing and sharing my work, despite a deep and constant longing to connect with people on a similar path. Confined to my journal, I’ve secretly been a keen expressive and writer for years. I’d expel my thoughts, feelings, words and poems about life and the world around me, but have never felt brave enough to let other people in.

It’s fear. I, like many, am often overcome with fear. Fear of what other people think, people I don’t know, and people I haven’t seen in years… people that do not matter. It’s fear of failure, fear of being too open and vulnerable, fear of not being good enough. But at the age of 22, I have been overcome with this sinking feeling that life is rushing by, and I’ve made little progress in stopping other people’s opinions (which are often only in my own head) dictate the choices I make in my life. So, it is at this point I’ve decided to make some change. Unless I want to find myself, 5 years from now, living a life which doesn’t fulfill me, but suits those around me, then I must find the courage to start living and breathing the life I desire.

This is exactly the main reason I’ve started to write. To work through my own issues and limitations, and to set my self free from the boundaries others may have placed on me. To really test my courage and to see how brave I can be. Also to EXPRESS, to CONNECT, to ENJOY, to SHARE, to LEARN and to OPEN UP.

But most importantly to start living a life which rings true for me, and not for other people. So, I’m calling for people like myself, the ‘go with the flow’ types, the ‘people pleasing’ types, the ‘ I’ m not good enough’ types, and the ‘what will other people think of me? ‘ types, to stop in your destructive tracks of not feeling good enough and to follow, and start living your dreams.

The time is NOW to STOP CARING WHAT OTHER PEOPLE THINK, and to begin the process of letting go of the limitations which hold us back from building the life we want. Write because it feels good, or express because you want to, buy cars if you desire, or study rocks if that’s what you fancy…

As the great Eckhart Tolle once said:

‘life is the dancer, and you are the dance’

The choice is our own. Be controlled by our own negative thought patterns and the opinions of others, and live out an unfulfilling future which is not our own.


Find the courage to follow your heart and desires, and become the architect of a far more truthful and beautiful reality.

Go on, join me in replacing fear with strength and follow your wildest dreams, no matter what people think 💪💓

Insta: maya__perkins_boone

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