The response to recent terror attacks on UK Citizens on social media has really got me thinking…

Before reading this, please note my heart aches for the people killed and injured, and the families affected by the atrocities of recent events in Manchester, and today, in London.  If you are going to label this as a kind of ‘sympathy for the devil’ piece, please refrain. Despite the controversial nature of what follows, ‘terrorist sympathising’ as Corbyn has recently been accused of, is not the aim of this message.  Whilst Ariana Grande’s concert tonight, and reactions to it, come from a place of good intention, I am sure, to me it seems the western world is forgetting a lot.

Flicking through the TV tonight with my Grandma and Mum, we stumbled upon #onelovemanchester concert. After watching half a song of Ariana Grande’s, and an interview with Miley Cyrus, I left the room with a head full of questions. I would like to say, that part of me does recognise the benefit of the concert. A sign of love, togetherness and strength, from Ariana, and all those directly affected by the attacks, from Manchester and the rest of the country. A deserved memorial to the innocent lives taken by the evil actions of some very lost men. But I ask this:

Should it take an attack on westerners for celebs, and the western population as a whole to recognise the heart breaking nature of war and terror? Do people watching, and buying in to this kind of event think the life of a Westerner matters more than the life of any other, or are they simply unaware of what is happening across the globe today?

I think, and hope it is the latter, and I would like to educate- if just one person’s mind is opened, I have done my bit.

Remember as you watch this concert, hundreds of thousands, millions of children, women, men are dying, starving, homeless, alone, suffering, without electricity, water, bombed into a thousands tiny pieces, shot, orphaned, traumatised from East to West, and North to South of the planet at this very moment.

Only today I was reading about the genocide happening in West Papua as a result of Indonesian occupation, supported and funded by western powers- children massacred in fields, villages filled with Militia that rape and beat women and children, with an estimated 100 000, to 500 000 killed by security forces since indigenous peoples were threatened into voting for Indonesian rule in 1969 (take a minute to check out this cause at https://www.freewestpapua.org/ where you can sign the petition in support of their struggle).

More recent examples of mass murder across the planet include 72 killed in Lahore, Pakistan by a suicide bomber in February 2017, or the staggering 93,000 people, according to Oxfam, that have been killed so far by war and terror in Syria.

Yes, take that in…just a tiny percentage of the numbers innocent people, just like you, being murdered. Children with friends, mothers with children, fathers with families blown into a thousand pieces. This shit is happening daily.

I say this:

When we start to look beyond barriers of skin colour, religion, gender, borders etc…is when maybe ‘#onelove’, will become more than just a meaningless, bullshit hashtag on social media.

To the celebrities, and the audience that have come together tonight in Manchester, this is not a dig…but the lack of recognition of the privilege that we have, as some of the richest people on the planet, presented by the celebrities, and huge number of people online shocked me, so much so that I’ve felt the need to set up a blog…

If you watched the concert tonight without any questions asked, I invite you stop and think for a moment. Be mindful of events happening throughout the world. Remember our privilege, and be grateful that the pain caused by attacks in London and Manchester can be eased slightly, by a spectacular concert, full of willing celebs who are yearning to help, like at Ariana’s concert tonight. Remember those who will not get this response when their children are murdered as they go about their day to day life, as their family, and houses have the shit blown out of them, whether it be by mad men in suicide vests, or US aircrafts. We’ve got it good, please do not forget those who’s voices will not be heard.

I send one love to Manchester and London,

but also to every inch of the planet. To those who cry tears, and blood as a result of murder, terror, war, greed, power.  Join me in thinking from this perspective as our TV’s flood with coverage on the recent attacks. This does not undermine the cruel and brutal nature of what has happened in the UK, but try not be fooled by the media, stay in touch with the true reality of what millions are experiencing across the globe at this very moment.

A person being born into the western world, should not be the indicator that their life is more valuable than anyone else’s.



5 thoughts on “#ONELOVEMANCHESTER…

    1. Thanks so much for your comment. I’m tired of staying quiet when SO much needs to be talked about. Happy to have found this platform to share on! I’ve just completed my foundation year, so looking forward to continuing on to the undergrad next year. Any tips and tricks about what to expect from my ID journey?

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      1. I know exactly what you mean, I couldn’t agree more. You get your voice out there. Read this article too, if you can, puts it into the perspective that you were going into as well 🙂 http://avaninews.com/article.php?page=1112

        And first off, I’ll say it can defo be challenging, especially anthropology – I took a module in that and it was probably the most thought-provoking so far, but so SO interesting and rewarding. I’m getting really interested in it because of that, so you’ve picked a great degree there 😉 Definitely ask for help if you need it, your lecturers and whatnot will be more than willing to help – they’ll find it a pleasure in fact that you’re going to them for their wisdom. I mean, we are paying £9,000 a year for something, right? And read what you’re interested in. Follow contemporary debates or stories you’re interested in. And esp. for anthro, feel free to explore your opinions or ask questions, even if they may sound silly (although I know how daunting it can be in lecture theatres with lots of people not saying anything). If you wanna find out more, I’ve just written a post on my brief overview of my first year – still can’t believe it’s over!
        Apologies for the extra long comment!

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